Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Long Time, No See

We adopted a beautiful German Short Haired Pointer on August 13th. She is 10 years old, and had been at our local humane society since September 3, 2008.

When we first got Madison, she was Kennel Crazy. Not to the extreme that we initially thought. She is a very loving dog. I would venture to say compassionate, but I'm not sure that the definition applies to doggies. It broke my heart to see a dog that had been at the shelter for that long. It broke my heart that nobody wanted to take her home. Her owner had to give her up, because he lost his home. I'm sure it was hard. Madison came to us knowing how to sit, lay down, speak, roll over, she's house trained, and cuddly. It was hard to see this, though, in the shelter.

Madison is very demanding, and she is getting a lot more attention than our other two dogs, our babies. Madison wants to play fetch... A lot. And needs a lot of exercise, and mental stimulation. This has been one of my (many) excuses for not getting back to my loom for over a month.

My loom is half warped... and I want to get in there and get the warp all tied up so that I can weave a couple of inches while Madison isn't looking!!