Monday, November 9, 2009

Finding my beat

I have six inches woven on my Color Study! That's exciting for me!

My realization that I've had my loom for several years (possibly 6 years) and I'm still having trouble finding my beat makes me hesitant with any project.

With my last project, a variegated twill, I had trouble keeping the beat light enough - on this, plain weave project I'm really trying to slam that reed into the weaving.

My first two inches were about 20ppi, the next two were 23ppi. - Sigh - If I were more anal about this, I'd take the whole thing out and start over. However, I just want to make sure my squares are... square. From there, the rest is "character."

My husband has been going to bed early, because he wakes up early... He's been having a lot of trouble with his knee, and I think that tires him out... So, tonight, I have time to weave at 9pm... I try to weave as quietly as possible... but I know my loom makes a racket.

My next loom will be a dainty little thing, so I can weave long into the night.

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